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Buzzin: Royal-Wedding Dress

Did you watch the royal wedding? It was only the event of the century!! Unfortunately I missed it because I work mad late and needed to sleep, but that doesn’t mean I missed the royal fashions!!!

First the dress. I know every media outlet has already covered it, but this wouldn’t be a fashion blog if I didn’t mention it. And it’s SO worth mentioning! Sarah Burton, the designer and creative director of Alexander McQueen, created an exquisite gown that was regal, but modern for the modern Kate Middleton.

Kate had a lot to do with the design and it’s apparent she’s a style icon for a reason. See for yourself! So was this dress what YOU expected? Chat with me by leaving a comment.

I’ve got WAY more to type about the wedding fashions – the maid of honor’s dress, what Kate HAD to do herself, and the hats!!!

Expect more posts to satisfy your royal cravings, but don’t worry I’ll keep it skinny. No need to stuff you too much with wedding fashion overkill. Cool??

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Wired: Hungry for Kate Middleton’s Style

Kate Middleton is the new style icon and her style is elegant and classic with a touch of high fashion. Trend hungry for Kate’s look? All you need are three key pieces and don’t worry, they’re ultra versatile!

1. The Trench

Tag: Jou Jou Coat, Long Sleeve Lightweight Belted Trench, Was $59.99, Now $47.99 at Macy’s.

2. The Blue Engagement Dress

Tag: Merona Women’s Ruffle Faux Wrap Sweater Dress, Was $29.99, Now $20.98 at Target.

3. The Ring! The Ring! The Ring! – tons of companies are making copies, so you can score one on any budget! Here’s one by the plus size company, Torrid.

Tag : Princess Kate Middleton Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring, $12.50 at Torrid.

Want to hear what I said about this trend on the radio? Check me out on Wired 96.5!

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Tease: Royal-Wedding Fashion

It’s almost the big day for Price William and the future princess. Who’s excited? Whoever has this manicure certainly is jumping for joy. Listen to my segment tomorrow morning on Wired 96.5 and find out how to get Kate Middleton’s style on a skinny budget. (This manicure is not included, just funny!)

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Metallic Maniac: Designer Inspired OMG Shoes!

I know my last post and my tv appearance was all about shoes, but sometimes it just NEEDS to be about SHOES. “LIKE OH MY GOD, SHOES!”

And I just gotta talk about this new metallic platform pump via Forever 21/ praise Forever 21 once again. This store should pay me for how much I talk about them  … right?? I’d gladly accept free shoes *wink, wink*

So this pump looks a lot like the maniac pump by Brian Atwood, aka a celeb obsession! Not to be a name dropper, but celeb sightings include Emma Roberts, Ashley Tisdale, Katy Perry, Kate Hudson, Kristen Bell, and Victoria Beckham. WOW!

The designer heel is about $600.00, but the Forever 21 shoe is under $25.00. Here are the details to satisfy your metallic-pump craving. Yummy!

Tag: Moonlit Stiletto Heels, $24.80 at Forever 21.

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The 10! Show: Celeb Shoes on a Skinny Budget

Hi! Guess what?!?! I’m on NBC10’s The 10! Show and I’m talking about celeb shoes! So whether you’re reading this before watching or after, you’re in for some stellar shoes on a skinny budget!  And away we go!

The Lady Peep spotted on Penelope Cruz

Celeb Shoe: Louboutin, $895.

Steal: Guess, $69.95.

The Keyhole Platform spotted on Zoe Saldana

Celeb Shoe: Sergio Rossi, $695.

Steal: Steve Madden, Orig. $89.95, Sale $41.95 at DSW.

Strappy Wedge spotted on Audrina Patridge

Celeb Shoe: YSL, $695.

Steal: Impo, $49.95.

Gladiator Glamour spotted on Demi Lovato

Celeb Shoe: Sam Edelman,  $129.

Steal: Qupid, $48.00 at Apricot Lane Boutique in Suburban Square.

Snake-Skin Sigourney spotted on Jennifer Lopez

Celeb Shoe: Gucci $795.

Steal: Aerosoles, $49.95.

All the shoes minus the gladiators were found at DSW, but can be found at many other stores too. The prices I listed were the prices DSW offered.

So what do you think? Comment me, tweet @trendhungryblog, or LIKE me on Facebook! Thanks for reading fellow shoe lover! xoxo, Jessie


Guest Post: Celebrity Color-Block Couture

Megan Stecher is a fashionista on a skinny budget and she’s up on everything celeb related. Between blogging for Positively Celebrity and her own blog Meggywood, she pretty much eats and sleeps celebrity.  So who better to weigh in on celebrity fashion?
Let’s see what she’s trend hungry for …
I’m obsessed with celebs – who they’re dating, what movie they’re filming, and what they’re wearing.  This is where we get all of our inspiration from these days, no?  I have been ogling the April cover of Elle magazine with Amanda Seyfried for weeks now!  She looks AH-mazing, and the simple stripes of fun punch colors scream warm weather – which I’ve been desperately ready for!

Amanda’s dress is by Prada, whose whole collection right now is devised of color blocking and bright stripes.  Ladies, I’ve found you a fabulously affordable and trendy alternative!
Tag: Striped Terry Dress, $24.80 at Forever 21.
For less than $25 you can get Amanda’s cover girl look, and get in the mood for some warmer weather (can’t wait for summer!).  Now get to the mall, my trend-hungry darlings!
Like what Megan has to say? Visit her ultra-fabulous blog that will satisfy your celebrity hunger, Meggywood!

Wired: Eco-Chic + FREE BAG!!! You want?

In honor of Earth Day it’s time to conserve, especially when it comes to fashion! P.S. It def fits a skinny budget!!

BYOB: When you shop bring your own bag! A reusable bag is more sturdy and it’s good for the environment. Use it when snagging the latest new clothes, cosmetics or even groceries.

Another thing to bring when out and about? Your own cup! Those Starbuck’s cups are piling up and if you can help cut down the production and use, then why not? Starbucks rewards good behavior with a FREE cup of coffee or tea on Earth Day!

VINTAGE: As for your outfit staying eco-chic opt for vintage. This can mean buying a leather coach bag from a thrift shop for under $10.00 (my most recent purchase), or wearing your mom’s belts and earrings from the 1970’s – cheap, unique, and retro is very haute!

PAY IT FORWARD: Cleaning out your closet? If something is in good condition take to a consignment shop. They’ll sell it and pass it on to a new owner while you’ll make a few bucks. Whatever they don’t take can go to charity. Now others can enjoy your old favorite jeans as much as you did!

UPCYCLE: Hit up a thrift store and make old new again or rework what you’ve already got. Make a bracelet out of an old shoelace or use an old ice-cube tray to store cocktail rings. Check out on of my favorite blogs turned book P.S. I Made This. You’ll get inspired by this blogger’s stylish creations!

Get aFREE BAG that’s made from upcycled materials by Nahui Ollin that’s made from candy wrappers!!!  

Go to the Trend Hungry Page on Wired 96.5 to enter!!

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s Sleep Mask

Anyone else facing allergies? Anyone? Anyone?

My eyes itch, my throat hurts and all I really want it some SLEEP! Found a solution to taking a snooze during the day – a sleep mask!

My favorite sleep mask came in a kit by Burt’s Bees that’s unfortunately nowhere to be found. It wasn’t cute, but very comfy.

Now,this sleep mask says city-girl slumber.

Audrey Hepburn playing Holly GoLightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s made sleep masks stylish. Who wouldn’t want this??

It’ll make you feel fabulous while getting your beauty rest. How swell is that?

Tag: Holly GoNightly Sleep Mask, $14.00 at Fred Flare.

Just imagine the incredible dreams you’ll have while wearing this mask. Is it clear how much I want/need this??

Worthy of $14? Comment with your thoughts!!

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Bandages Fit For Fashion

Fashionista Band-Aids! Yeah, you read that correctly. Nude bandages are out and statement bandages are in.

How did I decide this? You see, it all started when I traumatically caught my poor little toe on the door while walking in the mall. On a shopping mission, I had to suffer thought my not-so-cute cut and used a try-on sock as a bandage. It held up, but didn’t look all that pretty.

Now my toe is sporting a Hello Kitty Band-Aid and I’m proud of my battle wound.

Tag: Band-Aid Hello Kitty Bandages – 20 Count, $2.19 at Target.

I researched this whole Band-Aid trend. Sadly, the nude tone is most popular, followed by a few novelty themes I’m not so sure I’d like to wear. That was … until I stumbled upon Spoon Sisters. They’ve got fabulous, fun and unique gifts! Did I mention the fashionable bandages?

Leave a comment with what you’d want on your bod.

Girly Gash – for your super-feminine side. A little bruise can still be ladylike.

Tag: Big Girls Don’t Cry Bandages, $5.95 at

Co-Ed Chic – For your inner comic-book hero. This bandage is one your boyfriend will be proud to show off.

Tag: Comic Strip Bandages, $5.95 at

Calm and Collective –  For your inner hipster. They’re cute but I’m a little over this phrase.

Tag: Keep Calm Bandages, $8.00 at Urban Outfitters.

What would you wear? Comment or tweet @trendhungryblog!

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