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March 2011


Sale-Rack Report: Striped Jacket Fit for a Kardashian


Black and white are classic. And stripes? Yeah, this combo is pretty much a no brainer. Kim Kardashian wears it well as does “Miss-Keri-Baby” (that was me singing via typing; it’s Keri Hilson). Another celeb spotting in stripes? The lovely Liv Tyler. They may have worn this look a few months back, but the look is def on repeat … hello, reality tv!

You’re next to rock it and I found a jacket that embodies the timeless trend. Lookie see!

It’s a little more rock-n-roll and has great little features – zippers, faux leather embellishments. Those little features make this sale-rack find feel special!

Tag:Allen B. Stripe Crop Jacket, Was $58.00, Now $40.60 at JCPenney.

Take Note: Only size online is medium.  Just saw a selection of this jacket at my JCP, so check your local store.

So do you love it?

P.S. Listen to me tomorrow morning on Wired 96.5 to hear TrendHungry hit the airwaves!! It’s going to be covering a must-have trend for spring!!

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Polka Dot Envy-lope


When on a skinny budget it’s important to find pieces that you’ll get lots of wear out of – more than one season, more than one way to wear, and more than one trend. This $30.00 clutch has those seductive qualities I look for in an accessory.

Tag: Basenj, $30.00 at Aldo.

It’s timeless – when are polka dots not in style? It’s versatile -daywear or nighttime chic. It’s an envelope bag – big trend, and covered in a classic pattern that everyone from Mrs.Obama to Lucille Ball make trend worthy year after year.

So how would you wear this crave-able clutch? With jeans? A sundress? To the office? Leave a comment to share your stylish perspective!!


Video: Spring Shoes on The 10! Show

Today was a big day. It was my first tv appearance as Wired 96.5‘s resident fashionista and, of course, the blogging babe behind! Incase you missed it, here I am on NBC10’s The 10! Show giving the 411 on springtime shoes – fit for any budget!!

Click the image and catch up on what you missed. Also, read the post below for all the details on where to buy!!!

Thanks for checking it out. Happy shopping and saving, you stylish individual, you!

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The 10! Show: Spring Shoes – Splurge or Steal?

Here’s the fashion 411 on spring shoe trends that I talked about on The 10! Show.

Flat Espadrilles: Splurge:  Tory Burch $115. Steal:  H&M $9.95. **Can’t buy H&M online in the US.**

Sparkle-icious Flats: Splurge:  Steve Madden $59.95.  Steal: $24.99 Z London via Payless.

Nudie Shooties: Splurge:  Aldo $100.00.  Steal: $26.99 Fioni for Payless.

Metal Tribe: Splurge: Steve Madden $59.95. Steal: $24.99 Montego Bay Club at Payless.

Color-Floral Wedges: Splurge: Report, $79.95. Steal: $24.99 American Eagle by Payless.

Thanks for tuning in and special thanks to NBC10 for having me!

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Tease: Jessie’s First TV Spot/ Spring Shoes!


Time to trade in those winter boots for springy shooties, wedges, and much more.

I found five fabulous pairs of shoes and five equally fabulous pairs that cost less, WAY LESS!! Tune in to NBC 10’s The 10! Show today at 11 am and see me do my first guest appearance EVER!  

The pic is a sneak preview taken in my apartment next to the recycling (sorry shoes!).  Check back later today to get the full 411 on the trends covered and the shoes that are such a steal!!

Thank you!!!

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Olsenboye’s Floral and Frills


Got a new dress today and cannot wait to wear it … so it better get warm out NOW!

The are a few trends going on in this currently $24.99 dress (orig. $48.00)  – floral, frills, ruching, sweetheart cut, and extremely cute.

I found this at JCPenney in the junior’s department. This line runs small since it’s in juniors. I’m usually a size 2 and bought a large, which is now the only size available online.

JCPenney is honestly on e of my favorite shopping spots. They’ve got some great diffusion lines such as MNG by Mango, I “Heart” Ronson, and Olsenboye - aka the cheaper designs of  Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Now gonna lie, I’m kind of pissed at the Olsen twins (they don’t go by the Olsen twins anymore). Not too long ago I bought a par of flats from their high-end line Elizabeth and James. They were close to $300, bought for only $34.50, and are unbelievable uncomfortable. Plus they stained my feet. Not cool!

But , Olsenboye hasn’t done me wrong … yet. Check out their stuff. JCP always has sales and I also snagged a blazer for the line for $25.00.

Own any Olsenboye? Share your style finds by leaving a comment. Don’t forget to subscribe!!


Buzzin: Target’s Copied Designer Bag – Only $35!


Target really knows how to give you the designer look. Check out this bag they ripped off. I’m honestly pretty pumped about this. Thank you New York magazine’s fashion blog The Cut for informing me. I now know my next purchase!

The designer bag by Proenza Schouler is just under $2,000 while the Mossimo steal is only $34.95.

The high-end company is not so happy about this, but us skinny-budget fashionistas are benefiting!

Check out the Target version in the mushroom shade.

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To the Test: Foam Hair Dye


Do you dye your hair? Literally, do YOU dye your hair? If you have, then you KNOW it’s a PAIN! It’s time consuming, messy, and it’s just not easy to do to yourself BY yourself (that’s what she said , sorry jkjk).

Now it’s easier than ever to color your hair at home. Hair color kits have gone foam. Liquid was stone age. Now you just douse your head with hair dye in foam form.

Is this as fabulous as advertised? I took the liberty of testing out on of these foam kits (Nice ‘n Easy), here’s how it scored.

Take Note: I’m a natural dark brunette and dye my hair almost the same shade it is naturally. I’m an old lady and have a few stray grays, so I’m not going for a drastic change. If I was, I’d go to a professional.

Shades: Not enough choices! I went with the darkest brown before black and it came out with too much red undertones. Not overwhelming, just more than I’d like.

Roots: It covered, but not as well as  a regular box kit.

Prep: Easy. It was the same as an old school kit – pour one bottle into another, secure top, shake.

Application: Okay, so here’s where is was a little different. Instead of doing roots, waiting, then covering rest f hair you cover it all at once but are supposed to pay close attention to roots and hair line.

You squeeze the foam in to hand and apply. At first it wasn’t coming out as liquid. After a few squirts and more shaking the consistency became ideal.

Price: Around $10.00, depending on brand.

Clean Up: Far less messy than regular hair dye kits.

Overall opinion: Easier than a regular at-home hair dye kit. Precision isn’t as important in application. If you’re by yourself the foam is a good quick fix on the cheap. I’d rate it an 8. Hey, that’s not so bad for $10.00.

Time for you to weigh in. Have you tried a foam hair dye? Tell your tale by leaving a comment or writing on the Trend Hungry Facebook page!

Oh P.S. A Trend Hungry fave is now a brand ambassador for Clairol. She’s beauty babe that vid blogs and she’s Lauren Luke. Check her out!

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Wired: Feathers Take Flight – Even in Your Hair

Feather earrings have been all over lately, and I’m sure you’ve seen some stylish ladies sporting feathered headbands. But that’s not where it ends. This trend is really taking flight and now you wear feathers anywhere, even as hair extensions … yeah, hair extensions. This new fad is a favorite among celebs like Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Blake Lively, but now you can rock feathers – whether in you hair, on a ring, or around your neck  – on a skinny budget.

First up, the Necklace.

This necklace is so beautiful, but it’s almost $40.00 from Express. There are two ways around this price problemo. A coupon -click herebut, you’ll have to spend more to save. Or, the much much better alternative is to hit up your local H&M. I found a nearly identical necklace for under $8.00!! Hurry, I got the last one right off the mannequin in the bronze with pink feathers. My store still has the silver with black feathers left.

The Headband.

Tag: Peacock Headband, $6.80 at Forever 21.

The Ring.

Nicole Richie is a style icon and this ring from her line House of Harlow isn’t unattainable.

Tag: House of Harlow 1960 Feather Row Ring in Gold, $31.00 at Singer22.

Take Note: only is size 7 or 8. Need a size 6? Charm and Chain has it for a buck more. It’s 14 k gold plated and so pretty!

If earrings are what you want then check out this recent post.

And now, for the hair extensions! This can be costly and few salons do this, at least around where I live (Philly). It’s a trend from the West Coast, but that doesn’t mean you need a house in the Hollywood Hills to get some feather extensions.

Here are the links to two different kits one is $10.00 at Mia and the other is $22.00 at Take your pick, but the latter choice is by the same company that made  tinsel extensions Beyoncé to wear at last year’s Grammy Awards.

Every week Trend Hungry (and me, I’m Jessie!) will be giving the fashion 411 on a skinny budget on Wired 96.5! Please listen in on Friday mornings, become a fan on Facebook, and follow @trendhungryblog! Thank you for reading!!


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The segment is called Trend Hungry and it’s pretty much the same as this blog. I’ll highlight a top trend and tell you how to get the look on a skinny budget. Stay tuned every Friday morning and please check out the Trend Hungry page on Wired’s Web site.

So what trend should I talk about? Listen in, go to, and check back here!

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xoxo, Jessie

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