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February 2011


Oscars 2011: Lavender Loves Mila Kunis

If there is one bell of all the red-carpet balls, it’s Mila Kunis. This girl has made emerald green, red floral, and now lavender looks like the best thing since … well, since the last thing she wore.

She keeps outdoing herself and this lacy-lavender number was breathtaking.

Is anyone else craving this stunning color? Here’s how to wear lavender (a big color this spring) on the regular while sticking to a skinny budget.

Polish your nails! A way to get a lot of wear out of this shade is on your nails. Check out this new hue from Essie. How perfect is this color?

Essie’s Nice is Nice, $8.00. It’s new so check your local Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, and wherever Essie is sold. It’s only $6.00 on

Are you a fan of this color? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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Sale-Rack Report: Nicole by Nicole Miller Tan Biker Jacket

I just bought a motorcycle jacket, and I wish it was this one! This is why retail research is so important, because this jacket is totally craveworthy! The neutral shade of tan is perfect to lighten up for Spring, but it can really be worn in any season, weather permitting. Plus, a tan motorcycle jacket is not quite as popular as a black biker jacket – another reason why this entices me.

Trend: Tan Motorcycle Jacket
Threads: Nicole by Nicole Miller Shawl Collar Jacket
Tag: Orig $82.00, Now $24.99 at JCPenney
Take Note: It’s only available in medium, large and x-large.

This is such a great piece to have in your closet – a must-have item for the upcoming months as well as a staple you’ll have for years to come.

Wear it with jeans and a tee, a floral feminine dress, or even some cutoff jean shorts.

So how would you wear it?


Casual Friday: Lazy-Girl Lip Color

Burt’s Bees is pretty much amazing. They make a product for any body need and they’re natural – love that. This nature-girl brand is a must for your beauty bag. This Casual Friday is about simple lips, and this brand is a great fit for TrendHUNGRY for a number of reasons – affordable, accessible (sold all over), and simple. It’s not made with a million ingredients you’ve never heard of. Plus all you need is one product (saves cash money)  for moisture, color, and shine. Burt’s Bees Super Shiny Natural Lip Gloss.

It comes in six different colors that you can see by visiting None of the colors are overwhelming so take your pick. I’m prone to the Pucker Berry, but would wear any of the yummy shades.

Trend: Glossy lips for a natural beauty

Thang:  Burt’s Bees Super Shiny Natural Lip Gloss

Tag: $8.00

Take Note: Go to your local drugstore. It should be at least a dollar cheaper! And lookout for kits. Some offer an assortment of products for a reasonable price!




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Black-Shatter Obsession!

It’s official. I’m obsessed with nail polish, and not just any nail polish. Two words. BLACK SHATTER.

OPI’s newest creation, is so fierce and fabulous that if you get your hands on a bottle, you’ll be obsessed too! It’s an attention getter and conversation starter, not to mentionaan unique accessory.

Okay, here’s the deal. First polish your nails with a color (no mild Frenchy hues). Let dry, then apply Black Shatter as a top coat. From there, it’ll instantly start to break apart and create a shattered design. Let dry and apply clear top coat, since Black Shatter has a matte finish. FIERCE!

Okay, so check out my digits!! Here I am looking like my normal self at 2 am, in a bathrobe with hot pink lipstick and Kate Spade planner in tow. This is me captured in my natural state (please pick up on the sarcasm).

Okay, now let this be known. Black Shatter is like Ugg boots at Christmas time, very slim pickings. I searched all over and ended up turning to I bought it with Serena William’s new color Simply Smash-ing, because it was cheaper that way, $15.00 for the two colors together.

I also got my hands on Katy Perry’s collection, bought in the mini’s, and am wearing Teenage Dream under the shatter. Check back to read my review of the Katy Perry line.

So what ya think? Too crazy or too fabulous?!?!

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Stila Travel Palettes For Only $10!

Okay, this deal is so good that I just have to blog about it. Stila has five (now only three) makeup palattes that are destination themed, limited edition,  and were $65.00. Now they’re on sale for $10.00. You’d spend more at the drugstore for all this includes: four eyeshadows and a blush.

Check out the palettes below.

Adventurous in Aspen Travel Palette (my favorite!)

Fabulous In Fiji Travel Palette

Trendsetting In Tokyo Travel Palette

So which palette would you rock? Leave a comment to share your fave!


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Cat-Eye Purrfect Price

I love sunglasses and have been craving a pair of cat-eye shades for quite some time now, as you can tell by this previous post. And now I’ve done it. I’ve found a pair the pair. This pair is cute but chic, cheap but doesn’t look it, and is simple without being too plain.

Lots of companies are showing this style. Some are super crazy (not necessarily versatile), while others are just too blah. Here’s some for you to look at.

Okay, so tell me the truth. Do you like these shades? Should I get them? They’re $14.00 from Urban Outfitters. Send me some feedback by leaving a comment!


Not Spring Yet. Score w/ Winter Sales!

Yo! Yo! YO! Did you know? It’s not quite done being cold out and so much cute winter fashions are now on sale!

A sale to hit up is at Urban Outfitters. Usually their stuff is overpriced, at least for my skinny budget. But, I still love so many pieces they have. The solution? Wait it out. Wait a few weeks to buy that pair of fingerless gloves (ideal for texting and showing off a manicure) and get them for way less!

Look at this hat. It was $28.00 and now it’s less than $4.00! It’s not like this will be the only year you’ll wear it, but next year it’ll be marked up again, so snag it now.

Or these sherpa gloves. They were $18.00, but are now under $4.00. What a good deal.

There are way more awesome items of sale, so check it out. Click here to see what else is discounted!

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Casual Friday: Trompe L’Oeil, Illusion of Dressed Up

Trompe l’oeil is used to trick the eye. It’s the end of the week, that sounds about right.

For those of you not familiar with this art term, its French translation is to “deceive the eye”. It basically gives the illusion of making flat objects (like a ceiling, wall, or shirt) appear to have a 3D design. Pretty cool, right?

Everyone I’ve been talking to lately is overworked :( So this Casual Friday, or this weekend dress down while looking and feeling put together!

Okay, so I found two fabulous pieces that have the trompe l’oeil thang goin’ on … from the sale rack! These should fit your skinny budget, baby!

Threads: RACHEL Rachel Roy Drop-Waist Trompe L’oeil Dress

Tag: Originally $109.00. Now $65.40. Tack on an extra 30% off at checkout and it’s only $45.78.
Take Note: It’s only available in sizes 6, 8, and 10.
Next up is this shirt from Sears. Rock this under a blazer with a few necklaces to create a casual-cool vibe.
Threads: Covington Women’s Trompe L’Oeil Necklace-Print Tee

Tag: Originally $34.oo. Now $29.99.

Take Note: It comes in light pink too!
Are you feeling deceiving? How would you wear this trend? Share by leaving a comment!



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Sale-Rack Report: Chunky Heels

It’s official. The ’70s are back. Rummage your momma’s closet and see if there’s something vintage you can steal. If not, don’t worry. You can hit up a local thrift shop, Etsy, or just buy some mass-produced vintage-inspired pieces.

What’s on my list? Chunky heels. Wedges. Flares. I’ll wear my hair long and messy (same as usual) with some retro sunglasses. I can’t wait!

As much as I want to blog about retro fashions as a whole, let’s pick a focal point for this post. Chunky heels.

This shoe is is the Kimchi Blue Suede Block Pump and it’s on SALE. It was $48.00, but it’s now $39.00. This coral color is the new “it” color. So call this shoe a twofer, since it covers two trends.

As much as I love the juicy coral, I’m even more a fan of it in teal. Wear these with an A-line dress, flared jeans, or even skinny jeans. And let the shoes stand on their own by not over accessorizing. Less is more, baby!

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Snake-Skin Safari

Snake skin (faux, please!) is way on trend for spring, and the way to wear it? In a handbag, of course!

This one is from JCPenney and was a favorite of People Style Watch. Originally $60.00, it’s now down to $34.99.

Okay, now this clutch is so fabulous, because guess what? Envelope clutches are very “in”. Why not cover two trends in one item? It always makes me feel better about my spending, but this price ($40.00) isn’t so bad.

Bags like these can be treated as a neutral or can be paired with a neutral. Either way, it adds texture and luxe to your look without being overstated.

Which bag do you like?

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