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January 2011

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    Why You Need a Shower Cap!

    Reasons why you should own a shower cap. Showering daily is necessary if your pitts smell like a moldy Italian hoagie. Washing your hair everyday is another story. It causes you to…

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    Chic Chair for Dorms

    Just because you live in small quarters, have a roommate with awful taste, or are low on the cash flow, doesn’t mean you can live in style. This Butterfly Chair via Urban…

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    RED PUMPs You Up

    Thanks to Coco Perez, I now know that Cheryl Cole wore red pumps to the National Television Awards and Ashley Tisdale recently wore red heels during her appearance on Lopez Tonight. This makes me crave…

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    Casual Friday: Ruffled Up

    Ruffles are feminine, flirty and just fun. And isn’t that what fashion is all about?  Check out this ruffled dress for H&M that was made with recycled fabric and is under $20.00.…

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    Kardashian Headwear

    Kim Kardashian is all over the place and pretty much everyone loves her. Even if you hate the chain of reality shows, or don’t worship the Dash empire, you still gotta give…

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    BCBG SALE: Metallic Movement

    Say hello to gun metals. Metallic shades are say fierce yet neutral and so put this trend on your radar –since it’s so versatile, but can’t be mistaken for plain. This bag…