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January 2011


Why You Need a Shower Cap!

Reasons why you should own a shower cap.

Showering daily is necessary if your pitts smell like a moldy Italian hoagie. Washing your hair everyday is another story.

It causes you to use more electricity because you’ll have to blow dry and style your mane more often, and that adds up!

These hot tools aren’t so good for your hair. They may make your mop look good, but long term it dries, fries, and causes split ends.

That equals more hair cuts! Last time I checked, a good haircut could be pricey, not to mention the time it takes out of your schedule. In the grand scheme if you get you hair cut every two months verses every six weeks, you’ll be saving the cost of at least two haircuts a year. That savings could buy you a purse, or shoes, or lots of candy bars and magazines.

And what about shampoo, conditioner, and styling products? The more you wash your hair, the more of these products you use. Even if you buy your shampoo on sale at Costco or Walmart  (like me – a big bottle of TRESemme is good to my hair, wallet, and lasts a while!), the less you use = the longer it lasts = money you save.

Hair color. The more you wash, the faster it fades. Plus dying can dry out your hair. If you over wash, it’ll just get worse. Dying your hair from a box can be a huge pain (especially the cleanup). Paying for a dye job at a salon adds up. Even if you get an extra week out of your color, you’ll save some money.

And the most MOST MOST important reason is because washing your hair daily is just bad for your hair’s health.

In the long run the less you do, the better condition your hair will be in. The more you do = the more you have to do to then counteract the damage = more products, more haircuts, more time consumed by your hair, and less time for you to wear all your cute trend-tastic  outfits.

Get a shower cap, tell yourself you look retro glam, hop in the shower, hop out, and don’t stress about your hair!

Shower caps aren’t hard to find. Here’s one for $2.29 at Walmart has a pack of two for under $5.00. Split it with a friend or save one.

If you want to splurge, this $18.00 cap from Ulta looks pretty nice.

As for mine, it came in a Burt’s Bees grab bag. It’s a $25.00 bag of random goodies they sell around the holidays. Highly recommended!!


Chic Chair for Dorms

Just because you live in small quarters, have a roommate with awful taste, or are low on the cash flow, doesn’t mean you can live in style.

This Butterfly Chair via Urban Outfitters was originally $58.00, but you can get this for $19.99. It doesn’t take up much space and can be folded up – perfect for your half of the dorm when you’ve got a study or drinking buddy over.

This chair is great for your first place too. Living on a skinny budget makes it hard to have guests over, but a few of these chairs will make your bare apartment more cozy.

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Thanks to Coco Perez, I now know that Cheryl Cole wore red pumps to the National Television Awards and Ashley Tisdale recently wore red heels during her appearance on Lopez Tonight. This makes me crave a pair of red pumps on a skinny budget … what about you?


Details: Dereon Runway Platform Pump, Originally $70.00, Now $54.95 at DWS.

Blood Red

Details: Camille, Originally $79.95, Now $59.99 at Bakers.

Little-Bow Bombshell

Details: Viviane, $79.95 at Bakers.

Peeps on the Cheap

Details: Ruched Heel Peeptoes,$35.50, buy one get one for $15.00 at Charlotte Russe.

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Casual Friday: Ruffled Up

Ruffles are feminine, flirty and just fun. And isn’t that what fashion is all about?  Check out this ruffled dress for H&M that was made with recycled fabric and is under $20.00. Selena Gomez and Lea Michele are just two from young Hollywood that rock the ruffle trend.

If you live in a snow-covered area (like me) then you’ll be a little chilly unless you layer the look. Lucky for you, layering is tres chic – just ask everyone that attended Sundance.

To make this work for work, wear with dark cable-knit tights, a blazer, and boots. If you want to wear this bright dress out on the town, swap cable knits for black patterned tights and heels. Add a sexy motorcycle jacket to add some edge to your look, plus a touch of eyeliner. To be more glam, try a statement necklace. Now you’re set to stand apart from all those LBDs.

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Kardashian Headwear

Kim Kardashian is all over the place and pretty much everyone loves her. Even if you hate the chain of reality shows, or don’t worship the Dash empire, you still gotta give it up for her style. The girl can dress and in typical Kardashian fashion, she made a statement in the first episode of the newest spinoff of the hit Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kourtney and Kim Take New York.

Kim wore lots of black in the season premier, but what really grabbed me was her wide-brimmed hat. I stalked it out and found it (or near identical) on ASOS for $43.10.

If you like this type of hat check out some other great pieces from ASOS. I searched high and low and ASOS had the best selection for wide-brims. Another thing I found there? Turban headbands. So, if you liked Kourtney’s headgear then check out this turban headband that will cost you just under $14.00.

For more on turbans click here. So what suits your style? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.



Buzzin: Kelly Osbourne working for Material Girl

Taylor Momsen is out and Kelly Osbourne is in, at least when it comes to Madonna and her daughter’s fashion line Material Girl.

Is it me or has Kelly blown up recently? After she lost weight she was on covers of magazines, did a cameo on Spin Crowd and now if on Fashion Police and Us Weekly in the regular. I’m pretty happy that she got her PR peeps to get her some stuff going. She looks good and has really changed her way. Plus, she takes fashion risks – Such a fabulous role model.

As for Momsen, she’s off Gossip Girl, blames her parents for her bad attitude, and enjoys wearing shirts as dresses paired with slutty lingerie and raccoon eye shadow. Uggh, that look may be getting press, but not in flattering light. Also, Tim Gunn is not happy with you either, just sayin’.

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BCBG SALE: Metallic Movement

Say hello to gun metals. Metallic shades are say fierce yet neutral and so put this trend on your radar –since it’s so versatile, but can’t be mistaken for plain.

This bag had me at hello. It’s BCBGMAXAZRIA and was originally $178.00, it’s now $89.00, but tack on another 20% off that they’re offering and you’ve got yourself a new bag for $71.20. Not a bad deal.

Metallics work best in accessories, which is why this bag is such a great find. It can go with so many outfits, but still stands on its own.

To further your metallic mayhem try metallic makeup and nail polish. I encourage rocking these looks together, but preferably separate. Check back soon to see more metallic finds on a skinny budget.

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Jewelry like the Golden Globes

I know that this whole last week in fashion media was ALL about the Golden Globes. Here at TrendHungry I typed two red-carpet trends: spiky shoes and green on the scene. I totally thought that would be all I would touch upon regarding the Golden Globes. I mean, c’mon every other show and site have already discussed everyone’s fashion choices enough. Let’s move on, right?

I would have totally agreed, until I was sent something so perfect for TrendHungry. Look-a-like jewelry. Want to wear a piece like one of your favorite celebs? Now you can and you don’t have to fork over your rent or unborn child. Here’s the skinny on a fab and affordable online jewelry store called

Here’s Emma Stone wearing earring pretty similar to a pair from Emma Stine. Did I mention Emma Stone was getting lots of love for her clean and classy style on the red carpet? Oh, and these look-a-like earrings are $38.00, but look WAY more pricey. Cheap and chic!

Next up is another beauty queen that rocked a clean silhouette and simple-chic earrings, Claire Danes. This pretty pair can be worn with pretty much anything – jeans and a tee, a LBD, on the red carpet, you name it. They’ll never go out of style and a mere $40.00 for something you’ll own forever ain’t too shabby.

Last, but certainly not least is a necklace that got a lot of camera time, seeing as this was worn by the swan of the hour, Miss Natalie Portman. This is a little pricy ($129.00) for this thrifty blog, but it makes the cut cause it’s so darn sparkly and because Natalie Portman is a huge deal. **Hurry though, there’s only one left!**

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Casual Friday: Express-Sale Find

Express is cleaning out their Winter closet, and I am sure to benefit. They’ve got tons of stuff marked down online, and many come with an extra 40% off the sale price. Say hello to some new wardrobe staples on a skinny budget!

This fashionable find perfect for Friday or weekend attire was originally $128.00. It’s not down to $49.99. Tack on the 40% saving and this baby is under $30.00. This made-to-look-like-suede jacket is something I’ve had my eye on, and now it’s at a price more my style.

Right now only sizes small and medium are available. If that’s you grab it before it’s gone and check out some other sale items while you’re at it.

Wear it over a blouse, graphic tee, or with a plain shirt and a patterned scarf. Use it as your coat when Spring temps start coming out. Or pair with  frilly dress to add a little edge to your look.

Details: (Minus the Suede) Studded Flyaway Cardigan, Originally $128.00, Now $29.99 at Express.

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Vid Bloggerista: DIY Salon Nail Designs

Hi! There’s a new nail trend I’ve be dying to share. I’ve tested it out and it certainly is fashionable and fits a skinny budget. So, here’s a quick video I made to tell you a little bit about it. Expect more video posts soon. [youtube=]

If you like my nails and want to try it yourself, here’s a link to that will help you find your nearest Walmart. Go get the goods. Happy shopping on a skinny budget!

oh, and if you were interested in trying out a Minx manicure, check out my review here.

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