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December 2010


Statement Bracelet

The new trend-settin’ statement piece – A statement bracelet.

Rock a bold bracelet to accessorize your outfit. It can take a plain look from drab to fab, using just one accessory. Less accessories = less money spent = more money for other fashionable purchases you’ve had your eye on. The new year is already lookin’ good!

This pearl bracelet from Forever 21 has lots of attributes. It’s got pearls (timeless!), tulle (fancy/frilly), a brooch embellishment (bling bling!) and it’s super affordable ($5.80).

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DIY Spa: #4 Mani/Pedi

Having well-groomed nails is a fashion DO and your digits can make great accessories.

For an at-home manicure start with clean nails and soak your fingers in warm, sudsy water for a few minutes. Then push back cuticles using an orange stick and cuticle cream. My favorite is Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, under $6.00.

You can even use it on the go, or to moisturize rough spots on you hands. Find it at many grocery stores, drugstores, organic stores, and online. It will last you a long time too!

Next, cut and file your nails. The shape to go for is short with rounded edges. Make sure to file in one direction. Going back and forth will weaken nails and allow for splits.

Apply a base coat, follow with your polish of choice, and finish with a shiny top coat. **Make sure to allow nails to dry between coats. Base and top coats dry faster than colors, so your nail may feel dry after you put a top coat on, but the color underneath may still be wet, which is what causes smudges and dents hours after polishing. For best results, allow dry time between coats.**

For base and top coats, I use Wet ‘n’ Wild or New York Color. They’re extremely cheap and get the job done.

For your toes it’s a pretty similar procedure, but your feet probably need some extra lovin’. While soaking feet, try rubbing dry skin with a pumice. Rub back-and -forth to remove dead skin. If it starts to hurt STOP. Dead skin should not hurt. If it does, then you’re rubbing off healthy skin.

Wash off feet, dry with towel, and lather on a moisturizing lotion. Push back those cuticles, cut and file nails. Next get ready to polish.

If you’re looking for a sparkling color try OPI’s new Sparkle-icious. Or if you want an at-home Minx mani look here.

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Wrap-Flower Coin Purse

So many stores are showing bags with a big flower on the front. Instead try out a change purse with the wrap-flower trend. Check out this find from DSW that comes in navy (pictured), gold, and pink. It’s sure to fit a skinny budget, retailing at under $10.00.

Poppie Jones Floral Coin Pouch, $9.95, DSW. Save your pennies on this cheap purchase and store them in it!

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DIY Spa: #3 Face Time

A face mask from the drugstore is quick, affordable, and will make you feel pampered. My personal favorite has gotta be Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Masque. People have sworn by it for generations and so do I!

It’s tingly, refreshing, and it’s so simple. All you do is apply to face and neck, avoiding eyes, and wait for it to harden. Removing using a warm, wet washcloth.

It’s under $5.00 and I’ve had my tube for over a year now.

Don’t forget your peepers. For a special treat, apply two wet tea bags to your eyes. Cucumbers did the trick in the ’90s, but it’s been all about tea bags for some time now – And for good reason. They’ll remove puffiness and dark circles. For more on tea bags read this article from eHow.

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Trending: Glitzy-Glam Earrings

In Breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn’s character Holly said that you can tell what a man thinks of you by the earrings he gets you. Be liberated. Get your own earrings and make sure they say that you’re fun, glamourous, and ready for the new year. Nobody should take themselves too seriously – It causes wrinkles!

Trend: Glitzy-Glam Earrings

How can you possibly have a bad time wearing gold fringe? Beat the Winter blues in these earrings off the sale rack!

Details: Sonnenburg Chandelier Earrings, Originally $18.00 now $13.98, Aldo.

Disco is never dead. Boogie the night away with these glitzy disco-ball dangles.

Details: Simply Vera Vera Wang Silver-Tone Linear Drop Earrings, Originally $18.00 now $11.70, Kohl’s.

For the stud lover:  This pair will glimmer without weighing you down. Details: Betsey Johnson Crystal Stud Burst, $30.00, Piperlime.

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DIY Spa: #2 Moisturize

Winter temps (it’s finally officially Winter!) equal dry skin. No bueno! Don’t bother spending a fortune on fancy creams when you don’t have to. Instead head to the kitchen and mix up some milk and honey and treat your hands after all that holiday cleaning.

That’s right, just use milk and honey, stuff you’ve probably already got in your kitchen. Here’s what January’s issue of Redbook says to do:

Mix one cup of milk with three tablespoons of honey, microwave for 30 seconds. Submerge hands for 10 to 15 minutes.

Try this on your feet to lock in moisture. Another quick fix – put your socks in the dryer for a few minutes then lather up feet with lotion and cover with toasty socks. This is great for a relaxing night at home. Your feet will thank you in the morning.

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Fur Collar Poppin’

Fur collars have been around for a while. A vintage coat that was my grandma’s is the inspiration for this post. Here’s how you can get a similar style right now on a skinny budget. As for me, I need a good tailor so I can make this jacket fit!

Luxe Lady

This sweater jacket oozes class via black fur (faux), gold-chain trim, and a classic pattern.

Details: Dana Buchman Marled Sweater Coat, Originally $90.00 now $36.00 at Kohl’s.

Mod Mamasita

This mod coat from Forever 21 has a belt to cinch you in and a fur collar to keep you looking fashionable.

Details: Checkered Coat with Fur Trim, $37.80 at Forever 21.

Simple Chic

The fur makes this coat pop, but it’s removable. That means you can get even more wear out of this coat. Style it up with a big brooch or two.

Details: Faux Fur Collar Coat, $42.80 at Forever 21.

Preppy Perfection

The model makes this look disheveled, but I see this tucked into a high-waisted full skirt with hair in a top-knot bun and some oversize-stud earrings. I’m getting excited just thinking about it! Also, this is on SALE for under $14.00!!

**This piece is a trippet – meaning just the fur accent. You can attach it to items you already own that could use some fur. Use this on a jacket or sweater to add a little luxe.**

Details: ASOS Fantasy Fur Short Tippet, Originally $27.58 now $13.79 at ASOS.

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DIY Spa: #1 Exfoliate

Something that’s always on trend is grooming. You simply won’t look of feel your best if your skin is dry, your nails are a hot mess, and you feel unkempt.

Confidence is one thing you can’t buy, but it makes cheap clothes and makeup look lots more luxurious. If you feel good, you look good. But, if you blow all your cash, you won’t feel so good. Lucky for you, I’ve been doing my homework on at-home spa treatments. Here’s something you can do to pamper yourself without spending lots of cash-money. **(Check back – this is just installment 1 of 5) **

Exfoliate your bod. Emtpy what you’ve got left in your coffee filter and rub  it on your hips and thighs. Caffine is the active ingredient in most cellulite creams. I’ve been doing this trick on-and -off for the last four year and think it works. I’m no scientist, but I’ve used a cream before and didn’t see much of an improvement, plus it wasn’t cheap. At the very least your butt and thighs will feel softer and smoother.

If you’re not a coffee drinker, mix some brown sugar with olive oil of baby oil (your choice). Use a washcloth, a rough loofah, or buy exfoliating gloves (my fave!). Head to Walmart. Their bath products tend to be the cheapest, unless you’ve got some CVS coupons coming your way. Even check the dollar store for some shower gloves.

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Nicki Minaj’s Spray-on Hair Color

Your hair, along with makeup and nails, is a major accessory. Just ask Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. Both songstress stylistas add color to their manes depending on their outfits. I don’t mean from just going brown to blonde. I’m talking neon blue, hot pink and any other crazy color. Miss Minaj has been sporting multiple hair colors at the same time, and you can too.


Trend: multi-toned hair color

Celeb Inspiration: Nicki Minaj

Product: Beyond The Zone Color Bombz Temporary Haircolor

Shop: Sally Beauty Supply

Price: $4.99

E!’s Fashion Police taught me this trick – Simply hold a sheet of paper while spraying to get a clean line. If you hate it, just hop in the shower. This product comes in eight colors. Check out the party purple and airhead pink.

*Note* this trend is not for the timid nor the workplace, unless you’re a hip-hop star or a video girl. Rock this trend to a bachelorette party or a fun night out. Don’t try this out at your office Christmas party – not chic!

If you’d prefer one crazy color, opt for a wig like this one from Fred Flare for $19.99.

Dear Nicki Minaj’s barbies,

Another Nicki look would be her new lipstick shade “Pink 4 Friday” by MAC Cosmetics. Unfortunately, it’s all sold out! Oh well, at least we can spray our hair to be like the Young-Money Lady.