Are you ready for what’s to come this week?!? Get ready, get set, and read the tease! It’s sure to entice your-trendy-self with what’s to come this week. Be a fashionista in faux fur for cheap! Learn the new haute updo that’s super simple and uber chic. Afraid of investing in a new nail color … Continue Reading

Happy Halloween! If you’re anything like me, you’ve thought long and hard over many creative costume ideas and STILL have no idea what the heck to be. This is for you, the indecisive fashionista on a skinny budget. Here are my top costume ideas that you can probably throw together with stuff you own or … Continue Reading

Leggings are everywhere to be seen.  Five-year olds with Minnie Mouse sweatshirts, teens with Uggs, moms with long tunics – everyone is in on the legging trend and for good reason. They’re comfortable. It’s super easy to move in them. And they’re way easier to stuff into a boot than jeans. Here’s a new twist … Continue Reading

Want your makeup to look like Taylor Momsen’s dark eyes, Taylor Swift’s fresh face, or one of Katy Perry’s video looks? YouTube is the new way to get famous. Justin Bieber started Bieber Fever thanks to posting videos online. Makeup is no different. There are tons and tons of video tutorials showcasing how to look fabulous or … Continue Reading

Snuggies are so out of style. They were never really fashion forward, but they were virally trendy and virally ugly. The Snuggie’s lame commercials and spoofs still linger but there’s a new wearable blanket ready to dominate – and it’s way cooler. Not so cool that you should wear it out in public, like the … Continue Reading

Autumn weather can be quite unpredictable. Sometimes it’s sunny and warm, and moments later it turns to cool and brisk. The trick with tricky temps is layering up – a long cardigan is key. The shark bite flyaway cardigan from Express for $49.90 is cropped shorter upfront – giving  it a lose look, and longer along … Continue Reading

Do you love Urban Outfitters hipster-chic vintage-inspired fashions? Perhaps the retro furnishings grab your eye. Or maybe you just can’t get enough of the cool and quirky books they sell. Whatever pulls on your heartstrings, you can get it for less. All you’ve got to do is LIKE Urban Outfitters on Facebook. Show some love … Continue Reading

Flats are for all occasions.They’re typically comfortable, cute, and are pretty versatile. You can throw them on after a long day of wearing heels. Or sport a pair all day to look polished and put together without overdoing it. Having a black pair means you can’t wear them with brown, a brown pair inhibits you … Continue Reading

Like knowing what’s to come? Who doesn’t? Here’s this week’s previews. Trust me, you’re not gonna want to miss these trending topics. Autumn weather can be a little unpredictable. You certainly don’t want to freeze or get pit stains. There’s one item you’ll need to fix your layering dilemma. Hey Kitty cat, there’s a studious … Continue Reading

In Lauren Conrad’s new book Style she talks about nail polish being used as an accessory. If you really want your nails to pop and shine then a minx manicure is the ultimate nail bling – but it can be pricy, $55.00 on average, and not too many places offer minx. I’ve wanted to try … Continue Reading